Nergy Telecom offers Softphone applications for the Computers and Mobile phones. Pc-to-phone Nergy Dialer and Fring Mobile Dialer are easy to use telecom products for service providers under their own brand name which help to provide low-cost international calls to customers.

Pc-to-Phone Nergy Dialer

Nergy dialer is a convenient customizable pc-to-phone dialer software enabling customers to make calls using the computer connected to the Internet to anywhere in the world for great savings!



  • Easy to download and install. Dialer is provided with an individual configuration for each Partner particularly.
  • Customizable interface. If necessary any logo or company name can be placed on the dialer. The colors and skins can also be changed. Nergy Telecom has more than 20 predefined skin variations. Additionally it is possible to design completely new skin (the picture has to be provided to Nergy Telecom’s team).
  • User’s current balance can be checked right from the dialer.
  • User’s billing report (call logs) for any time period can be checked right from the dialer.
  • NAT support.
  • PIN-less registration by login and password (generated while creating the accounts for customers).
  • Excellent voice quality (Also depends on user’s internet connection quality).

Special settings and configurations allow using the Nergy Dialer in some countries where VoIP services are blocked or restricted (either IP, VoIP ports or VoIP packets might be blocked).
Note: before launching the service to the end users the software has to be tested in particular country where VoIP is blocked.

Nergy Dialer can be provided to customers by one of the following ways:

  1. Placing a link on company’s web-site where the customers will download the Nergy Dialer and install on their own PCs.
  2. Saving Nergy Dialer to CDs/flash cards or other storage devices and providing them to End Users so that they would install the dialer on their PCs.
  3. If Nergy Dialer is provided in the internet cafe then it can be just installed on the PCs in the internet cafe.

Fring Mobile Dialer

Fring Mobile Dialer allows users making VoIP calls through Nergy Telecom’s VoIP network directly from their mobile phones, enjoying low calling rates and high voice quality.



  • Supports a wide range of mobile phone devices across multiple platforms including Symbian S60, iPhone/iPod touch, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME & Linux devices* .
  • Operates on any available mobile internet connection (3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE & WiMax).
  • User friendly interface.
  • Software easy to download and install.
  • PIN-less registration by login and password (generated while creating accounts for customers).
  • Excellent voice quality (Also depends on user’s internet connection quality).

* Please refer to the Get Fring via PC section on the web site in order to check if your mobile phone device supports Fring Mobile dialer. In case the software is not supported the following comment appears: “Fring calls not supported”.

The Mobile Dialer software is provided to customers with the downloading link from Fring web site, the Instruction with basic configuration steps and also login and password for registering the mobile phone to Fring.